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Change Log

tracks changes in documentation and portal


Types | APS Controller | API | UI

describes base model and necessary pieces

Types Library

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PHP Runtime | APS Fiddle | Command Line Tools

APS Framework for Eclipse | APS Framework for IntelliJ IDEA

get familiar with APS tools and download them

Development Portal

portal for developers of APS packages

Package Certification

achieve APS certificate for your APS package

Implementations overview

Getting Started

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Integration with Odin Service Automation

Resource Model | APS Types | UI | Deployment | Provisioning | Demo Projects

overview of APS implementation in Odin Service Automation

Other information


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About this documentation

underlying technology


What's new in APS 2?

APS 2 new key features

Comparison to APS 1

key differences between versions 1 and 2 of the standard

History of APS

how we are evolving the standard

Legacy Documents

legacy APS 1.x documentation