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Last updated 12-Jul-2017

Package Certification

APS was developed to accelerate integration and sales of service in the Cloud. When the standard was established, we also established a certification process to ensure that packages developed with APS were of high quality and could be deployed on APS enabled hosting platforms.

However, as in the case with other standards like HTML, we have learned over the past few years that it is impossible to distinguish a decent package from a great package without looking at the underlying platform the APS package is being built for. While a standard, each platform implements the standard slightly differently and has slightly different business models, UX guidelines, and so forth. Again, HTML is a great example of another standard where it is necessary to test code on multiple platforms (Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.) to ensure the code works as planned.

For that reason, we have decided to retire the generic APS Certification and allow and encourage each APS enabled platform to host its own certification process.

Parallels has already decided to move forward with such a certification for Odin Service Automation, and its new certification process can be found in the section called Integration with Odin Service Automation. For a while, this process as well as the sandboxes used in development will continue to live on this site. At some point in the future, Parallels will move their certification to the site. We are working with Parallels to ensure this will be done with little or no disruption to anyone using these services today.