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Last updated 12-Jul-2017


The specification is the complete description of the Application Packaging Standard (hereafter APS). APS implementations must comply with it.

The document is addressed to the following specialists who need to use APS:

  • Application developers working for independent software vendors (ISV)
    • They wish to sell their Application as SaaS (Software as a Service).
    • Therefore, they need to package their applications in a standard way supported by numerous service providers.
  • Operations and support teams working for service providers
    • They need to implement and support APS on their hosting cloud systems.
  • Third-party developers who wish to build their business on APS
    • They are going to package existing applications and provide them as ready-to-use SaaS solutions.

In addition to this specification, you most probably will be interested in the following APS libraries that help you to reach your goals in the most effective and efficient ways:

Development Tools will help you to arrange your APS development environment, validate and pack your APS project in compliance with the standard.