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Last updated 12-Jul-2017

Development Tools

Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA are the main developer-friendly GUI tools for creating, validating, deploying, and debugging APS packages.

Alternatively, application developer can use the following tools:

  • PHP Runtime Library helps developing application provisioning logic.
  • Command Line Tools are needed to validate, localize, and build APS packages in the command line. This requires preliminary installation of PHP Runtime Library.
  • APS Fiddle helps to develop and validate HTML and JavaScript code including whole view files or parts of them.
  • APS Testing Framework helps developing automated tests for APS Applications.
  • RESTClient APS is a Firefox browser extension that makes interaction with APS controller REST API easier.


Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, PHP runtime, command line tools and RESTClient APS are used in the local environment, i.e., in a Windows PC, Linux workstation, or Mac workstation. APS Fiddle is used remotely on the APS development site.