Last updated 17-Jul-2017

Comparison to APS 1.x

This article reviews key changes of development model between APS 1.x and APS 2.x standards.

Comparison table

Feature APS 1.x APS 2
API Integration mechanism




Fully bidirectional, Operations Automation=> App, App => Operations Automation. REST based (Including asynchronous)
Interaction between different objects inside app Limited (service 1 to service 2) Any interaction possible
Interaction with Operations Automation services Limited: DNS Aspect, ftp aspect(site apps), web aspect, db aspect, mail aspect More complete, only mail type implemented for Exchange on RTM
Interaction between different applications No Yes (N-tier)
Auto-generated UI based on meta language Yes Yes
Custom UI No Yes
  • HTML 5
No Yes
  • JS SDK (Provides widgets, methods to interact with REST API from UI…)
No Yes
  • Creation of arbitrary UI using any content
No Yes (be careful with branding if not using APS JS SDK)
Tools for creating packages Eclipse plugin apsbuild, apslint, phpruntime, Eclipse plugin*
Supported in Operations Automation 5.5 Yes Yes
Supported in Operations Automation 5.4 Yes No

* Eclipse plugin to be updated after release