Last updated 17-Jul-2017

History of APS

APS was created in 2007 and initially covered provisioning and management of simple web applications in shared-hosting environments. It was later extended to cover wide variety of applications and their full life-cycle.

2007: Proof of Concept

  • Initiated and draft APS specification v1.0
  • Key Providers offering focused number of applications via SaaS

2008: Forming Ecosystem and supporting APS in Products

  • APS Catalog grows from 19 to 170+ applications from industry collaboration efforts
  • Focus in 2008 on identifying and collaboration with high profile Applications

2009: Growing Ecosystem and expanding Services into the Cloud

  • APS Spec revised to Rev 1.1
  • Non Profit Organization to manage industry adoption and promotion
  • APS supports both Web and Complex applications

2012: Integrated Service Solutions and Customizable UI

  • APS 2 specification announced
  • Key features: include cross-application services discovery and cusomizable UI