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Last updated 17-Jul-2017

Integration with Odin Service Automation

Odin Service Automation is the leading hosting and cloud services delivery system used by thousands of service providers worldwide, from the largest telecom operators in the world to top hosters and providers of vertical solutions.

Odin Service Automation combines Operations Automation and Business Automation systems. Odin Service Automation uses APS technology for application delivery. Assuming that you have ready to use APS applications, you will need to go through the rest of application life cycle stages to complete the integration with Odin Service Automation:

  • Application deployment - make the application ready for providing services in Odin Service Automation
  • Application provisioning - create customer subscriptions and provision application resources to customers

In the following sections, we assume that the readers are pretty much aware of the Odin Service Automation system administration principles. Before you start your application deployment and provisioning, make sure you are familiar with specifics of the APS resource model implemented in Odin Service Automation.