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Last updated 17-Jul-2017

Application Provisioning


Application service provisioning includes the following steps in Odin Service Automation:

  1. Subscribing to the application offering
  2. Setting application services in the account environment

Subscribing to Application Services

If there are no customers in the Odin Service Automation system, you can create one for testing. The simplest way is to use the Operations Automation provider control panel as follows:

  1. Navigate to Operations > Customers.
  2. Start the process by clicking Add New Customer.
  3. Follow the wizard to complete the other steps.

Customers can get Odin Service Automation subscriptions in the following ways:

  • Customers can subscribe to service plans through the provider’s or resellers’ online stores.
  • Provider or reseller can create customer subscriptions through their Odin Service Automation control panel.

The latter way looks as follows:

  1. In the Operations Automation provider control panel, navigate to Products > Service Templates
  2. Open the service template created for the application.
  3. On the Subscriptions tab, click Create New Subscription.
  4. Select a customer and then follow the wizard steps to complete the process.

Setting Application Services in Customer Environment

Once a customer obtained a subscription on application services, they can start setting and consuming application resources.


A customer staff member must have the Manage Own Applications privilege to be able managing APS applications. By default, in the Account Administrator role, the Own Applications privelege is set to Manage. In customer CP or provider CP, you can verify the role(s) assigned to customer staff. In provider CP, you can also verify if in a role the needed value is assigned to the privilege.


Since the management context is provisioned automatically, the subscriber can manage the other application resources represented by the custom UI in the context. The following operations illustrate how a customer can configure and manage resources provisioned from our demo application.

Creating Resource

Using the custom UI, a subscriber can create needed virtual servers based on VPS samples.


Managing Resources

Using the custom UI, a subscriber can reconfigure virtual servers, change their state, e.g. boot or shutdown the servers, as well as delete them.


Monitoring Resource Consumption

Customers can monitor resource consumption statistics provided by resource counters and presented by the package custom UI.


Billing system will charge customers for resource consumption in accordance with the service plan.