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Integration with Provider Control Panel

Last updated 17-Jul-2017

Integration of User Interface

In this section, we will consider integration of APS UI with different types of Odin Service Automation control panels (CP) and for different purposes. This is based on the Navigation section of the APS Specification.

Odin Service Automation contains different types of accounts: the provider, resellers, and customers. A customer can have a number of end-users, known as service users, who are consumers of resources. In addition, Odin Service Automation allows managing its two main parts, Operations Automation and Business Automation, by using specific control panels. APS can integrate with different types of Odin Service Automation control panels:

  • Operations Automation Provider CP allows the provider’s staff (admins) to manage the provider’s system configuration, applications, and application global resources.
  • Odin Service Automation Customer CP is used by customers’ staff (admins) to manage resources provisioned for the customer’s organization.
  • Odin Service Automation Service User CP, also known as MyCP, allows service users to manage the resources assigned to them.