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Last updated 17-Jul-2017

Integration Points


This document briefly explains implementation of integration touchpoints on the user experience (UX) level. In Odin Service Automation (OSA), UX is based on integrating application user interface with OSA control panels:

  • PCP - provider control panel
  • CCP - customer control panel
  • MyCP - service user control panel

The document also contains links to more detailed description and demonstration of design and development processes.

Integration Points in Odin Service Automation

Odin Service Automation (OSA) exposes many touchpoints to integrate applications with the system services and other applications.

Customer-wide service management Basic single-page application
Integration with Home dashboard Home Dashboard Integration with Dashboard Home dashboard integration
User management Integration with User Management User management
Service activation Service Activation Service Activation Service activation
DNS management Integration with DNS Integration with Domain Manager DNS management
Event Management Events Event Processing Event management
Notification management Notifications Notification Management Notification management
Mobile interface Mobile UI Inside concepts -