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Odin Automation SDK
Last updated 18-Oct-2017

Using Platform Services

Service providers may have own management systems (accounting, billing, etc.) that must use the platform services and other cloud services integrated through the APS bus. This is possible by means of the APS API exposed by the APS controller.


APS security model allows two types of sender authentication on the APS bus:

  • Via an account, user, or subscription token usually obtained through one of the control panels (PCP, RCP, CCP, or MyCP). This document will explain how to use a security token when sending REST requests through the APS bus.
  • Via an SSL certificate that the APS controller generates for APS application instances. This method is used by APS application services deployed and provisioned on the platform.

Typical activity on the APS bus we are going to discuss in this document includes the following steps to reach a management goal:

  1. Get a security token from the platform.
  2. Send a necessary REST request for the required service through the APS controller.
  3. Process (sometimes, just analyze) the response from the APS controller.
  4. Proceed to the next action starting from step 1 until you achieve the management goal.