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Odin Automation SDK
Last updated 16-Jan-2018

What’s New

Here, you will find the updates in the platform SDK and in this documentation since the previous release.


APS API is extended by the following APS types and operations, most of which give access to business management operations in the platform:

  • The new BssAccountInformation APS type allows external management systems to create customers with all necessary business data. The Create Customer section demonstrates that process.
  • The new APS operations, putOnCreditHold and releaseFromCreditHold, allow external management systems respectively to put a customer account on credit hold and release it from that status as demonstrated in the Change Account Status section.
  • The new CustomerClass APS type allows an external management system to determine the current customer class assigned to an account and reassign the latter to another class, thereby bringing it in accordance with the actual contract between the account and its parent account (vendor) in the platform. Respectively, the BssAccountInformation APS type exposes a new relationship with the new APS type as explained in Manage Accounts. The operations with customer classes are demonstrated in the Assign Customer Class section.

Development Tools

The new versions of the Command Line Tools, APS PHP Runtime, APS Fiddle, and RESTED APS are issued to support the updated APS API.

The APS PHP runtime versioning is aligned with the platform versioning.


The platform APS API supports authentication and authorization of external management systems via the well-known OAuth protocol as explained in Using APS REST API. This allows the external management systems to use permanently a consumer key and a secret instead of a temporary user token. The provider is able to restrict a list of operations available for an external system on the APS bus.

SDK Documentation

  • In the Using Platform Services set of documents, the following new procedure guides have been added:
  • The new embedded search engine restructures its index every time the documentation is updated and thus returns relevant results immediately after update without showing any ads.
  • The set of Concepts is restructured and now looks simpler and more logical. In particular, it contains the Software Development Life Cycle concepts that comprise all steps of a typical design-develop-test APS application project.
  • The Resource Counters demo project and the Get Resource Consumption procedure guide provide more details about the correct usage of resource counters by APS applications and external management systems.
  • To avoid incorrect customization of the navigation in a control panel, the Navigation Elements document contains the Limitations section explaining the limits and best practice of the design of navigation tree structure, the use of the navigation variables and placeholders.
  • The APS JS SDK provides the new externalHttpRequest secure method to get access to external applications, including opening HTML pages of those applications. Respectively, to avoid security breaches, the new 14.5.2. HTTP Requests to External Services section of the certification process prevents certification of an APS application if its code contains an alternative attempt by getting access to external applications from an IFrame outside the one dedicated to the current application.
  • The new Reseller Profile procedure guide explains and demonstrates the use of the Reseller Profile APS type to assist providers in distributing products through resellers.